What is it like to work with us?

It's easy! Read on to understand our approach

Why us?

Sway Concepts exists at the intersection between design and execution. Call us when you want to make sure that your project's "little design details" don't become a headache along the way. These are the project pieces that often fall through the cracks when they end up requiring more attention than anyone expects.


  • Things like public artwork - we'll do everything from getting city planning approval, to finding artists, to making sure your contractor is pouring the right footing for the artwork.


  • Things like signage - you wouldn't believe how much coordination and analytical thinking it requires from design all the way through installation.


  • And things like interior design - of course an architect could perform this, or even a draftsperson, but don't you want an expert to lead this important effort that involves understanding both building codes and human psychology?

In summary - your architect, contractor, or construction manager can take on all of the above. But they aren't experts in these niche fields, and the result is often mismanagement and mediocre workmanship. We promise that they'll be relieved to have these specialized tasks in the hands of an expert.

Our Philosophy

We believe that creativity, driven by rigorous research, is at the heart of every good idea. No matter the task at hand, be it performing a wayfinding analysis or crafting a strategy to receive city planning department approval, well-researched creative thinking is the common thread throughout all our projects.


Each project is unique and we treat them as such; canned answers or results just aren't our style.

Our Process

Every project begins with research, both of the problem at hand and of the associated user base. We'll determine what, if any, regulations (city, state, or federal) may affect the project to ensure we stay in compliance throughout. 


Next we'll develop high-level ideas to present to our client. After receiving affirmation that we are headed down the right path, we dive into fleshing out the details of our solution. We'll revise and adjust as necessary as the project evolves. 


If new skills or consultants are required along the way, we acquire them happily. We are well-versed in working with other independent consultants as part of a large project team, so feel free to ask us to work with your group of engineers, architects, artists, and more. 

Wayfinding analysis of a complex medical clinic in Ames, IA

Have required public art fees?

We can help you spend the fees on adding public artwork to your property, increasing its value, rather than paying into a general fund

Silicon Valley-inspired public artwork at a multi-use development in Mountain View, CA